How the bettermaths course works.

Shortly after booking, you will receive an introductory email asking you to arrange a convenient day/time for your child’s initial assessment. We will talk to you and them to ascertain their maths study needs and determine specific weaknesses that may need addressing. A short assessment test may be required.


The first week’s supply of study materials will be posted. This will comprise instruction sheet(s) (where appropriate), 5 worksheets to be completed, one on each of 5 days, an answer book and a Tracking Sheet.


You will be expected to mark your child’s work. This is really important as it enables you to provide instant praise and feedback. It also gives your child the opportunity to correct any mistakes, which is an essential aspect of the learning process. The Tracking Sheet needs to be completed and scanned/photographed & emailed to us immediate on completion of the 5th worksheet.


The results will be evaluated by your child’s tutor week-to-week and their progression based on these results.


We will arrange regular feedback and up-dates on your child’s process and the tutor can be contacted, initially by email, if the child has problems with any aspect of their work: we will arrange the appropriate support, be it an email or phone call.


A new batch of study materials, etc, will be posted each week.

On successful completion of each module a certificate, signed by your child’s tutor, will be posted.


Student-paced learning.

Each student progresses through their course as determined by their mastery of each successive stage. This eliminates skill gaps and ensures smooth and, most importantly, confident, progression.

Students who require more practice before progression, get exactly that: on the other hand, those who pick up quickly are free to advance. We have a plethora of students who were really struggling and, seemingly, “slow learners”, who went on to achieve well beyond all expectation. Please refer to our testimonials.


Bettermaths worksheet extract.JPG

Worksheet format will depend on the course module.

In the mental arithmetic sections, they mainly comprise 4-sided A5 booklets, typically with 100 questions. More involved worksheets and those with word problems will be A4 and have less questions.

For all other sections, worksheets are A4, the number of questions determined by their level and complexity.



Due to the nature of learning maths with our highly acclaimed and successful method (see testimonials), our courses would be studied over a year: in many cases several years.


Study materials are provided for 5 days per week on a year-round basis. Prior to the Christmas, Easter & Summer holidays we will discuss your requirements for study over these holidays.


Our monthly fee is calculated on the basis of providing study for 45 weeks out of the year. There is no extra charge for “additional” weeks and no reduction where less weeks study is required.



Three months fees are payable in advance, thereafter £45 pcm.


Payments of the initial 3 months along with registration fee (total £180) to be made by bank transfer and the monthly study fees to be paid by standing order set up online.


For those without access to internet banking, we accept payments by cheque and we’ll provide a paper standing order form: there is a £25 admin fee to cover the additional time involved in processing.