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bettermaths focuses on initially developing excellent ability and confidence in mental, then written arithmetic. With this solid foundation established, students go on the cover fractions then the fraction-related topics. Next, they prepare for algebra and go on to concentrate on algebra, covering all they need for foundation or higher tier.


These topics would ideally be studied in this order as this is mathematics’ natural progression of skills & topics:

  • Pre Arithmetic

  • Mental Addition & Subtraction

  • Times Tables & Mental Division

  • Column Addition & Subtraction

  • Formal Written Methods of Multiplication

  • & Division

  • Fraction Processes & Arithmetic

  •  Percentages, Probability, Ratio & Proportion, FDP

  • Pre Algebra (Negative Numbers, BODMAS, Indices)

  • Solving Linear Equations & Substitution

  • Literal Equations, Formulas, Simultaneous Equations & Inequalities.

  • Expanding Brackets & Factorising Linear and Quadratic Expressions.

  • Solving Quadratics: Factorising, Completing the Square, the Formula.

The following can be incorporated as required, assuming the student has the underlying skills in place,:


Surds & Roots, Algebraic Graphs, Bearings,

Data Handling & Statistics, Geometry: Shapes, Pythagoras, Trigonometry.

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