bettermaths is pleased to announce the launch of its new Correspondence Course.

It is based on 20 years experience of providing children's maths courses using hand-written, paper assignments.

The course is aligned to the needs of the National Curriculums of England & Wales and Scotland.



There is an abundance of research showing that children's education, especially in practice-dependant subjects such as numeracy, suffers considerably over the six-week summer holidays. On top of that is the disruption to many children's education caused by the Coronavirus situation.


If your child is having problems with maths now, just think what s/he will be like after the long summer break. There is the transition to a new academic year and/or teacher or even new school with the anxiety that entails.

Our Correspondence Course will operate right through the Summer Holidays and provide your child with that all-essential daily practice of the skill(s) they are studying.


So, start your child’s bettermaths study very soon, giving him/her time to settle in, get into a good routine, start seeing progress and become enthusiastic about continuing throughout the summer and beyond.



..Three months fees are payable in advance,..

..thereafter £45 pcm. T&Cs apply...

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